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CommuniCanine – Utah Dog Training

CommuniCanine Inc. Dog Training is a full service dog training and behavior company that specializes in puppy training and puppy training classes, obedience training classes, behavior modification, aggressive dog training, and solutions for major behavior problems. CommuniCanine serves Salt Lake City, Utah County, North of Salt Lake and all surrounding areas. Thanks for coming to my website. My name is Ty Brown and I have been training dogs for well over a decade. I have named my dog training company CommuniCanine as a mix of ‘Communication’ and ‘Canine’ because dog training is really about dog communication. The reason that dog owners have problems getting their dogs to behave, listen to commands, and get rid of unwanted behavior problems is usually because of a lack of understanding of how to communicate with their dogs. If you knew what your dog was thinking and what motivated certain behaviors how much easier would it be to mold your dog’s behavior into what is perfect for you and comfortable and fun for your dog?

Dogs follow certain patterns with how they understand, learn, think, react, etc.  Problems that have plagued dog owners for months or even years can often be remedied, solved, turned-around, fixed, or helped within days or weeks.  Our programs are unique in their design to help teach dogs behaviors that are wanted (obedience training, etc.), teach dogs alternatives for behaviors that aren’t wanted (destruction, aggression, etc.), and help dog and owner happily co-exist at a level of training that few people ever enjoy.  It was this knowledge that I learned as a teenager and have spent a lifetime developing along with our staff of professional trainers.

dog training utahSoon after getting my first dog as a teenager I secured a several year, unpaid internship with one of California’s most respected dog trainers. I spent years learning the skills necessary to fix any unwanted dog behavior and help forge strong bonds between dog and owner. To me this was a very empowering process as I was able to teach, train, and educate adult dog owners as a teenager. I felt like I had ‘cracked the code’. Here were all these adults that wanted the knowledge that I had! During this time I competed with my dog in obedience competitions against other dog owners and regularly won. It was a wonderful introduction into the professional dog training world for me during my teenage years.
Following a two year hiatus from dogs when I lived outside of the country I was ready to re-enter the world of dog training. I was able to secure a job in Boston as the training director for one of the largest protection dog companies in the country. As the training director I oversaw seven other dog trainers and the training of hundreds of dogs for the purpose of home protection and companionship. During these years I traveled all over the world teaching clinics, seminars, and workshops as an in demand trainer teaching basic and advanced obedience, protection training, my aggression formula for fixing aggressive dogs, the proper use of electric collars, and so much more. As of this writing I have worked with clients and performed dog training workshops in eight countries and dozens states.

Following my service with this company it was time to come back to Salt Lake City to set up a dog training company that would be recognized as the best option anywhere for Utah dog owners. So far I have succeeded. In our first seven years of operation we have been recognized with the prestigious Best of State Award 4 of those years. We have dozens of veterinarian offices, breeders, grooming shops, dog professionals, and clients recommending our services and we pride ourselves as the best option for anyone looking to train their puppy or adult dog.

The key to having your perfect canine friend is knowing how to properly communicate with your dog. If you know how to ‘speak’ your dog’s language you can quickly and permanently teach your dog how to perform the behaviors that you would like and quickly get rid of unwanted behavior problems, all while improving the bond you have with your dog.

My business is devoted to teaching you how to communicate with your dog. Are you currently having problems with:

  • Your dog not coming when called?
  • Your dog disobeying commands such as sit, down, heel, stay, or no?
  • House training or housebreaking?
  • Chewing?
  • Digging?
  • Aggression problems or an aggressive dog?
  • Dominance?
  • Other behavioral problems?
  • Contact CommuniCanine today to learn how we can help you train the dog of your dreams. CommuniCanine is
  • pleased to offer dog training in Salt Lake, Utah County, North Utah and all surrounding areas.

Dog Training Services offered in Salt Lake City, Utah County, Davis County, and Weber County including Provo, Orem, Draper, Park City, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Murray, Bountiful, Kaysville, Layton, Roy, Ogden and every town in between.

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