Housebreaking and Beyond

puppiesPuppies are great, aren’t they? There is nothing cuter or more fun than a new puppy in the home.

Puppies, however, are often full of behaviors that don’t coincide with what you want. Successful puppy training involves molding every part of the puppy’s life so that you can point your new puppy in the direction of behaviors that are wanted and direct your puppy away from behaviors that aren’t so desirable.

In our experience, we have found that the majority of adult dog behavior problems could have been avoided had the dog’s owners only known how to properly communicate with the puppy from the beginning.

While all of our training programs are great for molding and developing your new puppy the most popular program for our puppy owners is our Perfect Dog Program.  Because of how this program is designed we typically do a couple sessions in the beginning stages of owning the puppy in order to get the dog housebroken, get rid up puppy biting, get started on obedience, etc.  Then when the puppy is 6 months or older we are ready to start the more advanced obedience.  Our puppy training program focuses on the following training aspects:

- House training. Done right there are actually very few messes to clean up. You can realistically have a puppy who has the amount of accidents in your home that you can count on one hand. The key is properly communicating to your puppy where it is okay to go to the bathroom.

- House manners. House manners typically include not jumping, not biting, not getting on furniture and other behaviors that help your puppy seamlessly fit into your home. Too often I find dog owners that believe that their dogs will ‘grow out’ of puppy biting or jumping and other young dog behaviors. This is rarely the case. Think about it, nipping and jumping are fun for your puppy! Why would he or she grow out of it?

It is important to fix these behaviors while the dog is young so that you can avoid dominance, aggression, and other problems as the dog matures. This part of the training is highly customizable as dog owners differ with house boundaries. For example, some dog owners allow dogs on furniture and others don’t. Our training sessions will focus on helping you determine what the boundaries should be in your home and how to consistently maintain those boundaries.

- Foundation obedience. It is important for your dog to understand basic commands such as sit, lie down, stay, come here, and how to walk on a leash. Most puppy programs focus on teaching your dog to sit for a cookie or a clicker. This is not functional! What you need are simple commands that make living with your puppy easier.

- Socialization. There are good ways to socialize a dog and bad ways to socialize a dog. Unfortunately, dog parks and puppy socialization classes are often the worst places that you could take your dog for socialization. Let us teach you the right way to socialize your dog so he or she grows up to be normal and well adjusted.

- Correct relationship. The puppy stage is the perfect age to teach your puppy the proper family structure. Dogs understand family structure and need it to be happy dogs. You as the dog owner must place yourself in the leadership role and your puppy in the follower role. You achieve this through communication that makes sense to your dog. Without the proper relationship your dog is likely to develop behavioral problems, dominance problems, aggression problems, and more.

We currently offer several options for puppy training. Some of them include private coaching in your home and other programs include socialization classes, full year support and additional training to achieve advanced obedience as the puppy matures, and additional bonuses and benefits.

Are you tired of a puppy with poor leash manners?  Check out this young pup learning quickly exactly what we want with no leash pulling. This pup was a bad leash puller. This is a first session showing quick progress.