dog5Are you interested in owning a protection dog but don’t already have a dog? Do you want the absolute highest quality in canine companion that comes to your home pre-trained and ready to fit into your home by protecting house and family? The CommuniCanine importing service may be for you.

The best dogs in the world for protection work typically come from Europe. Several European countries have long histories of developing bloodlines and training programs which produce the highest level of protection dogs available anywhere.

We have developed relationships with some of the top dog people in Europe and the United States. Because of our relationships we are able to locate a dog that fits your needs and has training that can be customized to your needs. Just give us your wish list and we can find the perfect dog for you.

Contact CommuniCanine for a consultation to talk about your protection needs.

The following videos are of Gunner, a recent protection dog. Gunner is a Belgian Malinois imported from France and trained by CommuniCanine Inc. as an executive protection
dog for a Utah family.

This video is of Abby, my 17 month old daughter taking Gunner for a walk in the park.

Gunner doing off leash obedience using picnic tables as an obstacle and a distraction.

Gunner doing off leash protection work with the bad guy wearing a hidden sleeve.

Gunner doing more off leash work with the bad guy wearing a full suit.

Rocco the Rottweiler is Ty’s personal protection dog. He is a Czech import and has been raised by Ty from 8 weeks of age.
He can be your best friend…

… or something else entirely.

This is Rocco being sent to protect.

Here Rocco is performing a protective escape. Walking backwards while keeping the bad guy at bay.