Watch dogThe truth is that most dogs aren’t capable of the high levels of protection training that you see in police dogs, military dogs, and pre trained protection dogs. Most dogs, though, can be trained to do certain things to protect home and family. Our Safe and Sound Watch Dog Program is unique in Utah can be EXTREMELY valuable for helping your dog learn to protect your family. This program is an add-on program to an obedience training program.

A big part of our background is working with some of the most top level protection dogs in the world. For that reason we often have people coming from all over wanting us to train their dog as personal protection dogs.

The reality is that most dogs just aren’t capable of the style of training seen in high level protection dogs, police dogs, or military dogs. There is a reason why so few make the cut when it comes to that kind of work, even amongst dogs that were specifically bred for that purpose.

While most dogs aren’t capable of the personal protection training that we do many are capable of being trained as watch dogs.

A watch dog is a dog that is capable of ‘turning on a switch’ and giving a show of aggression when asked and more importantly shutting off that show on command. Our watch dog program can help your dog do a window search to check for outside intruders, bark at people approaching a car, put on a display of barking alongside their jogging owner, or other such functional display of aggression.

Our Watch Dog program does not include bite training but can be a huge help for someone who is interested in deterring the threats that have become a part of our society and our lives.

Our Safe and Sound Watch Dog Program is an add-on program to one of our obedience programs as it is crucial that a dog that learns watch dog skills also have advanced obedience skills. Potential candidates for this training must also be tested to determine if they are capable of this training. So whether you have a Collie, Doberman, Shih Tzu, Mastiff, or Poodle, we may be able to help keep you safer.

All dogs must be tested for ability before entering in the program.