Boot Camp Dog Training ***Notice.  Due to increased demand our wait times, on average, are increasing for our boot camp.  For clients sending their dogs to us from out of state, and for our Utah clients, please contact us right away if you have interest in our boot camp.  There are times we can fit someone in right away and other times require longer wait times.***  

Our Boot Camp Dog Training by CommuniCanine is an equivalent to our Perfect Dog Plus Program. The only difference is that WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

In our Boot Camp Program your dog will come stay and work with our trainers for about 3 weeks and learn all the skills necessary to be an amazing companion around the house and anywhere else you may go. One difference between our boot camps and other Utah dog training boot camps is that ours is done in a variety of locations including at our daycare, in our trainer’s homes, on field trips to stores and hiking, and more.

In these environments we can work on things like house training, destruction, manners around kids, door manners and other crucial skills that can’t be learned if your dog goes off to a boot camp that is only done at a boarding kennel.

No one can offer you a ‘turn key’ trained dog.  What I mean by that is that your dog will come home trained but you’ll need to maintain the training.

I always tell dog owners that we’ll get rid of about 80% of the work in training a dog.  The only 20% that they’ll be in charge of is maintaining that training.  That maintenance is easy once you’ve been trained on the dog’s new skills and commands.

A big concern many dog owners have is ‘will they be able to maintain the training when the dog comes home’?  Thanks to our After-The-Training-Service, though, this no longer needs to be a fear.  Depending on which boot camp program you choose will determine how much additional support you’ll receive.

Because all of our boot camp dogs get tons of attention and training we are limited in how many dogs we can accept at any given time. Word is also getting out and we receive lots of out of state dogs into our boot camp. If you are interested in this service please contact us to determine availability.