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There literally is no training program in Utah that offers a higher level of dog training than our Perfect Dog Plus Dog Training Program. Imagine being able to take your dog off leash and have complete control regardless of the scenario. This training program will address EVERY issue and goal you may have for your dog and you will NEVER lack for the highest degree of professional dog training from CommuniCanine trainers. The Perfect Dog Plus Program will tackle any behavior problem, any control problem, any aggression problem and will leave you and your dog with a great relationship and the ability to rely on your dog to obey your every command wherever you are.

For several years I was the training director for one of the largest protection dog companies in the world. Our job was to import some of the finest dogs from Europe, train them for advanced obedience and home protection, and then place them with families across the globe.

These were dogs that sold for $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000! Can you imagine how well trained a dog must be to come with a six figure price tag?

“It is that same level of obedience that went into a five or six figure dog that we now bring to our Perfect Dog Plus Program. It is the same principles, same style, and same level of expertise that only a handful of trainers in the world possess.”

This program is not for everyone. It is only for dog owners who are looking for the absolute highest level of on and off leash training available anywhere. This program is also designed for dogs with severe aggression problems.  This program is also used for clients that are looking for specialized training such as Personal Protection training, competition obedience, or other advanced level training.  This program is more advanced training than you could find in any other Salt Lake or Utah dog training company. Owners of Perfect Dog Plus dogs are committed to the relationship they have with their dog and are excited to hear friends, neighbors, and passers-by say, “Wow, how did you get your dog to be that obedient?”

This program is typically done in your home. Depending on the amount of dogs you have and the issues you are dealing with you will have several private coaching sessions in your home followed by Meet The Trainer sessions, newsletters, access to our members only website, loyalty programs, added bonuses and so much more. As every program is customizable the training can have various focuses. A typical Perfect Dog Plus Program will focus on the following aspects.

- Unwanted behavior problems. As with the Perfect Dog and Perfect Dog Lite programs this program focuses heavily on getting rid of any unwanted behaviors both in the home and outside the home. For those dogs who seem to have countless behavior problems this dog training program is a great program to deal with each and every one. Those behavior problems may be jumping, excessive barking, digging, destruction, etc.

- Control through on and off leash obedience. This program is literally the highest level of obedience training available anywhere in the state of Utah and even outside. We have numerous clients send their dogs to us from out of state to achieve this level of obedience. Imagine being able to take your dog into any environment and knowing that your dog will respond reliably to all your commands regardless of what is going on and the distractions the dog may encounter. Your dog will learn an off leash recall, off leash heeling, off leash down stays, and any other behavior you need on and off a leash.

- Aggression. This program is great for eliminating aggression in your dog. This can include dog aggression, human aggression, handler aggression, food aggression, and territorial aggression. An aggressive dog is a major liability. WE CAN FIX AGGRESSIVE DOGS.

We have developed a proprietary aggressive dog program that has had unparalleled success in helping dogs overcome their aggressive tendencies.

- Customization. This program is heavy on customization. We can customize your program depending on your lifestyle. For example we have taught dogs to safely ride in the back of your car for long periods of time, lie under a desk during a busy work day, and even have taught dogs to safely and comfortably ride in helicopters, yachts, and planes.

Customization can also include advanced commands including a bedtime command, advanced obedience exercises, exit a room on command, work reliably with young children, and much, much more. All training is customizable such that we can work on any problems that your dog is displaying and focus the training time on only what your dog needs and only what will help your dog become the perfect pet.

No more behavior problems, flawless obedience control on and off the leash… This truly is the most Elite Training Program in Utah. The Perfect Dog Plus Program by CommuniCanine is literally the highest level of training available in the state of Utah. Contact us for more details and pricing. Serious enquiries only, please.

Proudly serving Salt Lake City, Utah County, Ogden/Layton areas, Park City, Heber, St. George, Cedar City, Mesquite, Nevada and surrounding areas.