Do you lead a lifestyle where you would like your dog to be off leash and under control in various scenarios such as your front yard, the park, hiking, etc.? Does your dog have some behavior problems such as house training, jumping, chewing, or digging that need to be conquered? If so, our Perfect Dog Program may be for you. This program can also be used at times for dogs with aggression problems or other neurotic behaviors. Our Perfect Dog Program is for dog owners who are looking to get an amazing level of control with their dog or for dog owners who are dealing with aggressive dogs. This training program is more advanced even than most Salt Lake City dog trainer’s advanced programs. This program is very popular as it fixes all behavior problems like manners issues and destruction and allows you to have off leash control such as your dog coming every time off leash, even in distracting areas. More of our clients choose this program than any of our other programs This training program combines private sessions at your home and other locations, group sessions, and online training modules. As every program is customizable the training can have various focuses. A typical Perfect Dog Program will focus on the following aspects. - Unwanted behavior problems. This program focuses heavily on getting rid of any unwanted behaviors both in the home and outside the home. For those dogs who seem to have countless behavior problems this program is a great program to deal with each and every one. Do you have a dog that digs, jumps, chews, or otherwise figures out way to embarrass you? Not to worry, this program will help you solve those issues. - Control through on and off leash obedience. With this program we’ll have your dog completely off leash trained in no time. We can also work on more customizable commands like a bedtime command, wait at doors or curbs, tricks, and more. Imagine being able to hang out in your front yard, the park, or hiking and camping and being able to rely on your dog to return every time when called. - Aggression. Dogs who have aggression problems require a minimum of our Perfect Dog Program. This can include dog aggression, human aggression, handler aggression, food aggression, and territorial aggression.  We’re so successful in fixing dog aggression issues thanks to our unique system of helping the owner gain control, teaching the dog how to respond when he or she feels nervous, correcting the aggression, and unique styles of socialization. All training is customizable such that we can work on any problems that your dog is displaying and focus the training time on only what your dog needs and only what will help your dog become the perfect pet. Training offers so much freedom!  In the video below this dog couldn’t go out in public due to high levels of aggression.  Now, with our training, he’s hanging out at the pet store! Check out these two. Also previously aggressive but now learning how to control themselves even around distractions like kids, bikes, and more. Our goal with every dog is a great level of off leash obedience even with distractions. No other company is currently doing this level of ‘simple’ training.