While this is our lowest level program we still don’t consider it a ‘beginners’ or ‘basic’ training course. If you need to get your dog under control around the house and are looking to fix behavior problems such as jumping, house training, chewing, or hyperness this may be the program for you. In fact, we’ve recently discovered that this program will achieve a higher level of obedience and control than the majority of other programs from other Utah based dog training companies.

Our Perfect Dog Lite dog training program is great for dog owners who have dogs with behavioral problems and a lack of control. This program will help you achieve a great level of on and off leash obedience but doesn’t include the extensive follow up, added services, and added bonuses of our other two programs.

This program is typically done in your home.

As every program is customizable the training can have various focuses. A typical Perfect Dog Lite Program will focus on the following aspects.

– Unwanted behavior problems. Does your dog have unwanted behavior problems? Does your dog have house breaking issues, jump on friends and family, or chew on your stuff? The first focus of this program is to help your dog be a ‘livable’ dog, that means a dog that can be in your house without destroying your possessions and antagonizing people in the home. With this program we can deal with all behavior problems excluding heavy aggression.

– Control through on and off leash obedience. Obedience is important for all dogs. Obedience accomplishes two main objectives:
1. Functionality. It sure is nice to have a dog who will sit, lie down, stay, come when called, and walk on a loose leash. This program will focus on obedience training around the house, leash training outside the home, and an off leash recall outside.
2. Obedience establishes relationship. As you teach your dog obedience you are teaching him or her to be a happy follower. When your dog sits or stays or walks on a loose leash because you have told him to you are communicating to him or her that you are the natural leader of the family. This is very important for all dogs to understand.

All training is customizable such that we can work on any problems that your dog is displaying and focus the training time on only what your dog needs and only what will help your dog become the perfect pet.