Professional Dog Trainers

Utah dog training company, CommuniCanine, is proud to be the industry leader in Salt Lake City, Utah County, Ogden/Layton area, Southern Utah and surrounding areas for dog training and behavior modification.

We have recently reconfigured our training programs to better offer Utah dog owners solutions for their dog behavior problems and obedience needs.  Our approach is unique because we’ve found a way to combine the various elements of achieving dog training success and designing them into programs that are time efficient, cost-effective, and convenient for most dog owners. Our programs aren’t for everyone.  If you’re looking to go to a couple group sessions with 10-12 other dogs and see actual results that improve your life and the life of your dog then this isn’t the training program for you.  If you are looking, however, for solutions that have been proven to work time and time again then we look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your dog training needs. Read about our dog training programs below to see which program best fits your dog’s needs.

Perfect Dog Program

By far our most popular training program this training brings the best of all training; private training, group training, online training.  Throw in some added benefits like loyalty programs and other perks there is no equal to this program in all of Salt Lake or Utah.  This program is for a dog owner dealing with aggression, a puppy owner who wants a comprehensive approach to the first year of their dog’s life, dog owners dealing with destruction, disobedience, etc.

Perfect Dog Plus

This program is not for most dog owners.  It’s for those seeking the highest level of training available anywhere, seeking to deal with major problems, or looking to do speciality training such as competition obedience, personal protection, etc.

Perfect Dog Lite

We don’t offer ‘Basic Obedience’ at CommuniCanine.  Every one of our training programs is designed and guaranteed to give you better results than you’ll find everywhere else.  So don’t confuse our introductory program with ‘Basic Obedience Classes’.  With this program you’ll achieve off leash obedience and be able to solve numerous problems from destruction to hyperactivity and more.

Boot Camp Dog Training

While this program is perfect for dog owners who are short on time it’s also a great program for anyone who understands the value of having a professional help them with a difficult task.  This is a unique program where your dog comes to live with our trainers, integrate with other dogs, children, and everyday distractions, and learn how to get over problems that plague common dogs and common dog owners. No matter which training program you choose your results and satisfaction are guaranteed by our industry leading guarantee.

If you have questions about any of these programs please call 801-895-2731, check out our program comparisons, or enter your information in the form on the upper-right hand of every page to get current information on pricing and programs.