Dog training relationshipDogs exist in a hierarchal society. The idea of dominant and submissive makes sense to them and it is what they crave.  Nowadays, in the dog world we understand that terms dominant and submissive are more fluid in the dog world than was once understood but the concept still rings true; dogs are happier when provided structure and leadership.

We find that most dogs living in their owner’s homes exist in a state of confusion. Some of the things you show your dog tell him that he is in control and some things you do to your dog tell him that you are in control. Can you imagine what would happen if you went to work tomorrow and had no idea who was your boss and who was your subordinate. Imagine the confusion and stress that would cause.

We often call our training method ‘relationship training’ because it helps to properly establish the relationship between owner and dog. In your dog’s mind there are no equals, every one is either dominant over him or submissive to him. If your dog feels like the leader then the relationship is off kilter and needs fixing. Obedience training is the best means to accomplish that.

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