Dog Obedience Training

757328_a_poode_at_the_truckCommuniCanine is pleased to be Utah’s leader in dog obedience training and behavior modification. Our methods have been honed over years of perfecting and will work for your dog, too. Training a dog is actually more about training the owner. A dog left to his own devices will do exactly what he feels like. A well trained dog can learn that by obeying his owner he can be just as happy.  We’ve developed unique systems and processes that just about any dog owner with any dog is capable of implementing. Read over the following pages for more information on the services and methods offered:

Dog Training VideosCheck out some of the fun videos we’ve done over the years.

House Training A Dog- Our 4-step house training program gets most dogs to stop going to the bathroom in the house within a day or so.

Dog Aggression-   No one in Utah deals with as much dog aggression that we do.  There is a reason for that; our three-pronged system for dealing with dog aggression has an incredibly high success rate.

Dog DestructionIf you’re dealing with torn up carpets, chewed up clothing and furniture, dug up gardens and yards, then you need to learn why we have such success in helping dogs overcome their destruction problems.

HyperactivityHyperactivity seems to come out in a variety of different ways from excessive jumping and barking to pacing, destruction, and other neurotic behaviors.  There are very specific things that you must be doing to fix these problems and help your dog lead a more calm and happy life.

Dog Training CommandsThere is a lot of confusion surrounding which commands you should be giving to your dog and how you should be giving them.

Relationship TrainingAny good training program should be about teaching your dog how to do, or not do, certain things.  That’s a given.  What a successful training program should also do, though, is help cement a solid leader/follower relationship between you and your dog.  Many of today’s ‘fad training’ such as treat based training just doesn’t accomplish this.

Behavior ProblemsPerhaps your dog related issues aren’t found in the above articles.  No matter WHAT your dog training problem is, I guarantee you there is a solution.  Thanks to our years of experience we are very familiar with how dogs think and how we can best mold their behavior into something that is desirable for you and also makes your dog happier.