Dog Training PricesWe are in a unique position for a Salt Lake City dog training company.  We typically have more demand than we have supply.  What that means is that, more often than not, we’ve got more dog owners wishing to work with us than we have the time to devote to them.

It also means is that we have to be quite picky about who we work with.  We are looking to work with dog owners who are committed to their dogs, who are willing to invest time, money, and energy into getting their dogs trained.  We are looking for dog owners who want top results, want it to be fun, and want to have the best relationship possible with their dog.

We frequently have to turn away certain dog owners for not being willing to put forth the necessary effort and on several occasions we have had to ‘fire’ clients for not being willing to work with their dogs to see the desired results.

Not only that, we are looking for the discerning dog owner like yourself.  You aren’t looking to work with ‘any old’ dog training company.  You recognize the value of finding someone with the most expertise, most qualified experience, and the trainer that will get you results.  Not just any company will do for you.

If you are looking for a training company to help you get your dog to shake, roll over, and do basic obedience for treats…we are not your company.  If you are looking to get your dog trained to a level that no other company can match then you’ve found the right place.

So are we more expensive than other companies?


There are things that we are doing and a combo of benefits that we are offering, especially in our Perfect Dog Plus and Perfect Dog Programs, that literally are not being offered by any other dog training company in the country.

The benefit to you, though, is that our payment is structured in a way that about 90% of the people that make it through our Questionnaire Process can afford our training without any sacrifice.   Where else can you find world class training at prices that most dedicated dog owners can afford?  We are the only Utah Dog Training Company that can make that claim.

What we like to do, to determine if you and we are a good training match, is take you through a brief questionnaire.  This questionnaire will answer a lot of your questions and will allow both of us to see if it makes sense to move forward.  This questionnaire carries no-obligation, is done over the phone with one of our support staff, and carries no sale pitch.

In fact, if you like what you hear there will be no pressure on the phone to buy.

The bottom line is that our whole process is different.  It’s time for you, the dog owner, to completely rethink how you get hire your dog training company, how your dog is trained, and the level of results you should expect to achieve.

To go through our Questionnaire Process you can fill out the form found in the upper-right of every page and one of our office staff will call you or you can call our office at 801-895-2731.