Hidden Dog FenceIf you have a yard that you want your dog to stay in when you aren’t around then you must have a fence.  This isn’t an option.  It’s unsafe for your dog and for your neighbors if you simply allow your dog to roam free in the neighborhood and it’s unrealistic to teach a dog perfect boundary manners without training tools.

For many, the cost associated with traditional fences like vinyl fencing, iron, wood, and chain link can be too costly, too much maintenance, against HOA regulations, or too unsightly.  For people in those situations a hidden fence can be a great option for keeping your dog safely within the boundaries of your property or yard.

We are unique in this industry as we have expertise in both the installation aspect of these fences AND the training aspects.  These fences are not a ‘set it and forget it’ affair; the dog must be trained on where the fence is, what it means, how to comply by the boundaries, and more.  Most dog fencing companies are in the dog fence business without expertise in training and behavior.  After having successfully trained thousands of dogs with e-collar technology we are uniquely qualified to not only get you the best quality for an underground fence system but to also provide you and your canine buddy with the training you both need.

These are humane training tools that train your dog to stay in your yard without the need for an expensive fence.  When the installation and training are done correctly most dogs will only experience a handful of corrections before they realize how to stay within the correct perimeter.

Many dog owners have heard stories about how these fences don’t work because dogs will run right through them.  If the training is done incorrectly this is absolutely true.  With the correct training, though, dogs will stay within the boundaries and we can even guarantee that.

These fences are not ideal, however, for dogs with territorial or aggression related issues.  As the fence can be used to keep the dog inside it does nothing to keep other people, dogs, or animals out.  In situations like that you can count on our training and fencing expertise to help you find the right solution for proper containment for your pet.

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