From time to time we like to shoot quick videos to demonstrate the progress that we are making with the dogs we are training. It may be a video highlighting some fun off leash training of a Golden Retriever or a Yorkie. We may like to show a certain behavior problem being overcome. In some cases we even like to highlight a television show we have been highlighted on. Whatever the case, enjoy these videos that will hopefully give you a little more insight into our company, what we do, and the results we are able to achieve with any dog.

Would you like your dog to be as obedient as the dogs in these videos? Simply call us for more information.

These are two Australian Shepherds who are two weeks into their training at CommuniCanine.


I am thrilled to announce that I am going to be the host of a brand new internet radio show about dog training. The show will be titled ‘Ty the Dog Guy’ and is going to play to a NATIONAL AUDIENCE. Watch the video for more details about this exciting development.

Do you have two dogs? Have you ever dreamed of being able to have complete control and attention without the need for leashes? Contact CommuniCanine to learn how your dogs can act like this:

Yes, we train small dogs, too. Here Ty Brown is doing some off leash obedience with a Yorkshire Terrier and a Yorkie Mix. These were dogs that could not be relied on off leash but could now walk happily with no leash needed.

CommuniCanine owner, Ty Brown, was recently invited onto Talking Point on KSL 5 news to give expert opinion on a recent Pit Bull attack. Watch the interview here.

These two Labrador Retrievers are enrolled in our Boot Camp program. This is their off leash progress after one week of training.

This nine month Doberman female belongs to a friend. He was in a rush to get her trained and so he sent her away to our Boot Camp. When she came to our Boot Camp she didn’t have any training, didn’t even know how to sit on command, didn’t even know her own name. After two weeks we were able to achieve off leash, reliable obedience. Call to learn how you, too, can achieve off leash obedience with your dog.

This Jack Russell Terrier was recently a dog who would habitually run off and show aggression to other dogs and people. Here he is doing some off leash heeling while the dogs on the other side of the fence bark acting as a distraction. Training with distractions is important to have a dog who is reliably obedient wherever you go.

These are two Golden Retrievers being trained in off leash obedience. Contact CommuniCanine to train your dogs for off leash obedience.

This is an English Mastiff in training for off leash obedience. We are using a store setting for added distractions.

This is Gunner, a Belgian Malinois, doing some off leash obedience training using park equipment as distractions.