We offer the best and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Combine that with payment plans and we are the natural choice for your dog training needs. Read below for more information.

No Risk Guarantee

We know that it can be a difficult decision choosing a dog trainer. Perhaps you are worried about the expertise of the dog trainer, perhaps you’re not even convinced that your dog can be trained and then you would be out hundreds or thousands of dollars or more on dog training with little to nothing to show for it. Perhaps you are skeptical about the methods, promises, or goals that the dog trainer has laid out.

Regardless, we understand, and we want to make your decision to use CommuniCanine dog training as zero risk, hassle free, and worry free as possible.

For that reason we have rolled out our industry leading guarantee that is even BETTER than a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Let me explain how:

  1. Give us a call about your dog and explain to us in detail the issues and challenges your dog has and what you are facing.
  2. We’ll prescribe a program for you, set an appointment and we’ll get started.
  3. If you don’t feel, after our first session, that our training program is going to help you accomplish your goals you can tell us on the spot and we’ll happily forgoe any charge.  In fact, we’ll give you a FULL 30 DAYS to decide if you’d like your money back.  Your only risk in this scenario is a couple hours of your time.
  4. Our guarantee doesn’t end there, though. If you see value in the training and continue and we complete our training program with you and you still haven’t accomplished the goals we set out to do you can then receive additional training AT NO COST TO YOU until the problems are solved. That’s right, we’ll keep working with your for FREE until you have accomplished your goals. Just show us that you’ve been actually working with your dog in the manner prescribed.

So when you weigh your risk there is none. In one scenario either you see the value of our training or you don’t pay. In the other scenario, you get your dog trained no matter what. What do you have to lose when choosing CommuniCanine? Absolutely nothing.

When you choose us you can rest assured that any dog training issues will be solved.

Payment Programs

In this world you get what you pay for. If you spend $150 on a dog training group class or $20-$30 an hour on a private, in-home dog trainer, you’re going to get exactly that amount of value, which is to say a small amount. You may save money but what is the point when the results are lousy? Quite often we are the second, third, or even fourth dog training company that people call because initially they were shopping for dog training based on price. If price is more important than quality of training, experience with our company, or value of the knowledge we share then we definitely aren’t the right company for you.

Our training programs are designed to get you results, not teach your dog worthless things like sitting with a clicker and other obedience training designed to teach your dogs to respect treats and not you. Our training services are in demand from clients all over the world.

We feel that our dog training programs aren’t even a cost, though. Our dog training programs are an investment. An investment in your family member so that he or she can be happier, live a fuller life, and know how to be your best friend rather than your worst enemy. An investment in being able to avoid problems. Problems like flushing thousands of dollars down the toilet on your leather couch, favorite shoes, or cell phone to a chewing dog. Problems like losing thousands on ruined landscapes and shrubs. Costs like replacing a carpet or flooring to a dog that isn’t house trained. Expenses like the high cost of a lawsuit and/or court costs when an aggressive dog attacks another dog, child or adult.

Aside from real dollars being lost to an untrained dog there is also the quality of life that suffers to a dog who embarrasses you when he won’t come when called, makes you furious when she jumps on your guests, or barks incessantly. The majority of dogs found in shelters and pounds across the country are there for behavior problems. Nearly all of these issues could be resolved with training.

Can you really put a price tag on being able to avoid these problems? The truth is that our training is second to none and this means an investment of time, money, and energy in making sure that your dog can fit into your family without behavior problems. Thankfully, though, this investment doesn’t need to cost you your summer vacation, your child’s education, or a night out on the town.

Thanks to our new payment programs just about anyone can afford to invest in our training programs. In order to learn more about our payment programs simply look over the training program you are interested in, give us a call to make sure it is the right one, and we can explain the different payment options. Call us today.