Dog TrainingAttention managers, executives, CEO’s, and decision makers! Work with CommuniCanine to give your employees one of the best perks that they will rave about for years!

CommuniCanine is proud to work with corporations in their benefits programs, gift giving programs, and employee rewards programs.

Corporate Benefits: Smart companies understand the importance of giving perks and benefits. Nowadays companies gift/subsidize gym memberships, meals, tickets to sporting events or concerts, amusement park days, and more.

Thanks to CommuniCanine’s corporate partnership program you can now give/subsidize dog training to your dog owning employees. We offer programs that range from zero cost to you to heavily subsidized training programs. Our programs have a variety of options from in house seminars to group training and more.

Holiday Gift Giving: CommuniCanine offers gift certificates at reduced prices. Give your employees $50 gift certificates for dog training that only cost you $25. Give a $100 gift certificate that costs you $50 and give a $200 gift certificate that only costs you $100.

Not only that but spend $200 and up on gift certificates and earn FREE certificates that you can pass out to your employees.

Employee Rewards: Want to give your dog owning employees a reward for a job well done? There is no better gift than our Reward Certificates for your employees. Spend $200 or more on Reward Certificates and get FREE certificates to pass out as added rewards.