I was recently watching a TV commercial that made me laugh. A local barbershop had a new discount hair cutting place move in next door who very loudly advertised $6 haircuts. At first the barber was worried about the low price competition but then he had an idea… He put up a sign reading, “We Fix $6 Haircuts”. I thought that was hilarious. I realized, though, that my company was like this local barbershop. There are plenty who go around searching for discount dog training….and boy will they find it in Utah. More often than not, though, my company is hired after the first, second, third, or sometimes (I’m not kidding) fourth dog trainers have already been paid and failed to fix the problems. Our clients went to those dog trainers first because they were cheaper. They tried group training classes because they were cheaper. And guess what they got? A lot of wasted time and wasted money. We are the most qualified, most professional, and best dog training company in the state of Utah. If you’ve been to other trainers don’t worry…We Fix Bad Dog Training! As an incentive to try our services and allow us to help you fix the problems that were not fixed (or worse, created) by other Utah dog trainers allow us to offer you a gift. Hire us and show us proof that you used another dog trainer and didn’t get your problems solved and we will give you exclusive access to a 6 month membership at my fast growing internet site, www.DogBehaviorOnline.com, where you can find videos, audio programs and ebooks that are accessed by our priveleged members from around the world. This is $120 worth of FREE dog training information! Now, it won’t get you the time or money back that you wasted with other dog training companies, but at least it helps soften the blow.