Our Professional Dog Trainers:

Joe Tomsich- I’m Joe Tomsich and I am the lead training director for CommuniCanine. For years I’ve been involved in many aspects of dog care and training. I’ve been involved with obedience training, conformation showing and competition, and protection and sport training. I’ve titled my own dog in competition and love studying, researching, and becoming better at my chosen craft of dog training.

Together with Ty we’ve developed Utah’s most intensive service dog training and protection dog training programs.

I’m proud to bring Utah’s best dog training solutions to the residents of  Utah and I look forward to helping you with your dog. Whether you’ve got a puppy that just needs to learn the basics or you need to fix an aggressive dog, off leash train an adult dog, fix a housebreaking problem or any other issue I can help you accomplish that goal.


Emily Whipp- Dog TrainerEmily Whipp- Emily is new to CommuniCanine but not to the world of dogs.  She has been around dogs her entire life. It started as a child, assisting in the whelping of American Pitbull Terriers and slowly grew into a life long love and understanding of dogs.

She started training at 14 with her male German Shepherd, Rebel. Since their partnership began they have trained in Schutzhund, PSA, French Ring, Narcotics Detection, and Personal Protection with various trainers around the state of Utah. She has since worked with innumerable working dogs and pets alike, gaining invaluable hands on experience on the inner workings of our best friends.





St George dog trainingDavid Broderick- I am the trainer for CommuniCanine in Southern Utah and surrounding areas. I have been involved with dogs my entire life. I have been training dogs since I was 12 years old starting with a German Shepherd with major aggression issues that I rehabbed to a social and stable dog and even titled her in AKC conformation. I have competed in numerous dog sports including Dock Diving, AKC Obedience, AKC Rally, AKC Conformation and now am competing in Mondioring.

I have assisted others in training their dogs for Schutzhund, French Ring, Mondioring, Scent Work, Police Narcotics Detection, Service Dog Training, AKC Rally, Obedience, and personal protection.

I have learned the art of dog training from some of the most well-known names in dog training today including: Michael Ellis, Ivan Balabanov, and Ty Brown. I have attended all of the courses at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in California. I continue to attend seminars, courses and competitions to stay on the cutting edge of dog training.


Ty Brown- For about 15 years I have been training dogs. My training adventures have taken me all over the world as I have trained security dogs for an inter-nationally recognized clientele. I have trained dogs for NBA, NFL, WWE, and WPGA athletes, politicians, CEO’s, entertainers and more. I have worked with this clientele in 18 states nationwide and in 6 countries world wide. My widely read dog training articles are currently published in dozens of internet dog training sites and in dog training publications and my video and audio dog training program has been used by thousands of dog owners all over the world.

Throughout my dog training adventures I have learned many things. All dogs have unique personalities but there is one thing about dogs that is the same. All dogs ‘speak’ the same language. If you as a dog owner can learn to speak the language of your dog you will be able to train your dog to accomplish just about anything. Allow me to show you how to communicate with your dog in your dog’s own language. Welcome to CommuniCanine.

My revolutionary CommuniCanine dog training system is guaranteed. As you learn how to communicate with your dog you will be amazed as your dog becomes obedience trained in a matter of hours, and you will enjoy seeing your dog’s behavior problems become a thing of the past.

I am proud to offer Salt Lake City Dog Training, Utah County dog training,Ogden Dog Training, and Park City Dog Training services including surrounding areas.

Melissa Burrup- I’m the voice you hear on the other end of the line when you call CommuniCanine.  My career has seen me working in executive and personal administration for small companies all the way up to the Fortune 500.  My time at CommuniCanine has been a fun adventure in getting to know dog owners from all over the state of Utah and seeing them helped by our amazing trainers.

I’m here to help you with all of your dog training needs.