Here at CommuniCanine a big portion of what we deal with is dog aggression. In many cases it’s how to get rid of dog aggression and in other cases it’s how to manage aggression when we’re working with protection dogs, guard dogs, or police dogs.

Regardless of how we’re dealing with aggressive behavior I’ve found that most ‘professional dog trainers’ these days are addressing these problems all wrong.  They aren’t understanding the root of the problem and they definitely aren’t understanding how to find the solution.

In fact, a big part of what we do every day is work with dogs who have already ‘flunked out’ of other dog training companies.  These are typically companies where treats and clickers are the norm but solutions for dog aggression are rarely reached.

Check out the video above.  It’s a fun little take on a few recent conversations I had with dog owners from around the country.  Enjoy!

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