Here at CommuniCanine a big portion of what we deal with is dog aggression. In many cases it’s how to get rid of dog aggression and in other cases it’s how to manage aggression when we’re working with protection dogs, guard dogs, or police dogs.

Regardless of how we’re dealing with aggressive behavior I’ve found that most ‘professional dog trainers’ these days are addressing these problems all wrong.  They aren’t understanding the root of the problem and they definitely aren’t understanding how to find the solution.

In fact, a big part of what we do every day is work with dogs who have already ‘flunked out’ of other dog training companies.  These are typically companies where treats and clickers are the norm but solutions for dog aggression are rarely reached.

Check out the video above.  It’s a fun little take on a few recent conversations I had with dog owners from around the country.  Enjoy!

From the owner of a previously out of control Doberman

Ty is wonderful!! He took our 18 month old Doberman- Mya who was hell on 4 legs and turned her into a very loving, obedient and good family and house dog. In 3 short weeks he took her from a barking, nipping, jumping, destroying puppy to that of one that stays in her place when told, doesn’t jump, stops barking when told to, and amazingly enough can be walked off leash for blocks around children, cars, cows, and other dogs and stays in a heel position. My 4 boys and baby have gone from fearing the dog to loving her and sleeping with her. They can now run across the back yard without being nipped or knocked over, my neighbors are even saying how amazingly well she is doing. People are asking us all the time what we have done to get her to obey so well. Well, we have to say all the glory goes to Ty! Thanks Ty I was at my wits ends and ready to give her away and now she is the dog we hoped for! Thank you for turning our terrorist dog into a great family dog- now only if you took teenagers for 3 weeks!!! Thanks,